Protect your treasure


"A paulownia chest may burn down but not your treasure." This old saying is true. Since paulownia wood has extremely low heat transmittance, the interior of the chest will be kept intact even if its outer surface catches fire. There are quite a few anecdotes of clothes and valuables saved by the chest. The rough surface of the wood is also quite absorbent. The wood which has absorbed moisture expands and fills any gaps and openings to shut out the air completely in humid weather. when the air is dry, the wood will shrink and become porous for good ventilation. People tend to think that paulownia wood wll rot easily because it is soft and light, but it is wrong. In fact the wood is very hard to decay. Furthermore, paulonin and sesamin, the substances contained in the wood can repeI moths and other insects. All in all, we believe that it is an ideal material for furniture making.

Beautiful and Recyclable


The chest is made with the unique manufacturing technique of driving pegs to enhance stability and durability. The beautifully finished drawers and doors fitting perfectly together with the chest are a work of art that can be achieved only by experienced craftsmen. The grained wood surface will deepen its look with time. Or the surface could be shaven off, be recycled so to speak, to retain the fine, smooth look of the grains. The warmth and beauty of paulownia woodwork can be passed on to the next generation either way.

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