Travel 2 hours by the Shinkansen train from Tokyo, the capital city of Japan and you will reach Kamo City located in the heart of Niigata Prefecture which faces the Sea of Japan. Kamo City is also called “Little Kyoto” since it has the same tranquil elegance and natural beatuty as the ancient capital of the country. The city is famous above all, for the production of paulownia chests of drawers. The history of [Kamo chest] making goes back to the Tenmei era in the Edo period, about 220 years ago, when cabinet makers started manufacturing chests out of paulownia wood. Today the city boasts 70% share of paulovvnia chest production in entire Japan. Fixtures and fittings from Kamo have been well known across the country since the Bunsei era at the end of the Edo period. ln the project of KAMO traditional WOOD JAPAN, we have tried to breathe fresh air into the tradition. We have succeeded to create paulownia products with new, innovative designs, in collaboration with Mr. Eiri lwakura, a first-class designer in Japan, while preserving traditional genuine craftsmanship to achieve intricate details. We can now proudly present our paulownia wood products to the people across the world and invite them to try and enjoy the works of an authentic Japanese tradition. We guarantee that they will fit harmoniously in any life style and space and help create a comfortable, relaxing and attractive living environment.